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My birth name is Monica Sylvia Palmer. My early, unconscious quest to fulfil my life's work and purpose had me migrating from my native land Jamaica to Canada, in 1982.

I call myself T’Sheba (the “tactic” T is silent). Sheba, or Seba, speaks both to a “land of Gold” and the “human [gold] mind.” Seba was considered the geographical equivalent of the mythical Punta — the land of the spirit world.

Hieroglyphic records a trading expedition of the only female Egyptian Pharoah Hatshepsut as her ship reached the Land of Punta, or Seba (believed, by some historians, to be the present day Somalia, based on prevailing customs). Seba was rich in products the Egyptian desired: myrrh, frankincense, wood, sweet-smelling resin, aromatic trees, ebony, ivory, spices, and above all: GOLD. In mythology, Egypt means “memory-knowledge (scientifica),” i.e., mind serving as the vessel for celestial and spiritual things.

I strive to leave this kind of lasting memory-knowledge, in the minds of readers and listeners of my words, by concerning myself mostly with this inner [intuitive] plane of “gold.” That is to say, I write from an understanding that my words are but seeds, which are non-operative (or useless), unless they can give birth to some form of transformation in a person’s life.

It would naturally follow why gardening is where I find my bliss. Far removed from the subsistence farm on which I had to toil a child, urban farming is my creative way of enjoying urban life with a country-kind-of-feeling.

To experience Earth’s beauty – the breaking through the soil of seedlings, the blossoming and maturing stages, and the recycling of the refuge of my crops as compost back into the soil – is priceless! Not to mention to be able to invigorate the nerve endings of my bare feet standing on sharp pebbles, and to look around my garden and yield myself to whatever feelings naturally arise. The buoyant, jubilant, exhilarating, and ecstatic feeling is my definition of RADIANT HEALTH. Which explains why no other pleasures can compete with, or pull me away from, writing like gardening!